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My Work

Ming, a Chinese teen, is disillusioned by society's "rules." Upon meeting a young woman named Ace, the door is opened to allow Ming to live the life she's always wanted. 


How to Live Your Life Correctly


1975, New York, a closeted autopsy assistant JACOB finds his boyfriend IAN’s dead body in the morgue.



Aida, 17, is imprisoned by her mother Yoko since her father committed suicide years ago. Yoko's "love" is toxic, it is pure manipulation. Aida has to find a way to end this misery.

Frog Wife


Phoebe, a ‘frog person’ with green skin, mutated in the aftermath of the “Trinity incident" in 1954. She and her half-mutated husband Frank move into an affluent suburban compound. They have to live under cover and hide themselves from the HOA. 

The Seat of Intellect



In 1957, a middle aged woman Joyce decides to take her young stepson Kevin to a lobotomy surgery.

The knight


Shu, a young gangster plans on blowing up a factory for his boss to earn some cash and marry his girlfriend.  



Xindi was born in China. She holds a BA from Hong Kong Baptist University and a MFA from American Film Institute Conservatory. She made a bunch of shorts and plans on making some more.


Xindi LOU
Email: lxdaran@gmail.com
Tel: 747-2725626